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Hemorrhoids are one of the most
common diseases. Word «hemorrhoid»
translated from Greek language means
«bleeding», which directly connected
with the most prevalent symptom of this
disease – there is blood outflow from
anus. Hemorrhoids are equally common
among male and female. Frequently
females mark acute haemorrhoidal
thrombosis; usually it happens during
third trimester of pregnancy    

Anorectal abscess signifies
inflammation of the fat in one of the
spaces surrounding the anorectum.
Infection from rectum by anal glands,
which are situated in anal crypts of the
anal canal penetrate perianal tissue.
Crypt abscess always is at the level of
the dentate line. The reasons of crypt
abscess are different: constipation,
hemorrhoids, anal fissure ecc. Anal
gland infection is also the principal
cause of anal fistulas.  

Anal fissure is a spontaneously
appeared linear tear (ulcer) in the anal
mucosa. Anal fissure is quite common.
Among proctology disease this is one
of three the most frequent (11%-15%
or 20-23 cases amongst 1000 people).
Anal fissures are more prevalent
among young and middle- age females.    

 Constipation.   Now constipation is
one of the most common conditions that
bring a patient to see a physician in al
the world.  For example, 2.5 million
people with constipation (1.2% in the
general population) visit each year
doctors and even more numbers try
to solve this problem by themselves
using laxatives. What is constipation?
Constipation is not separate disease.
There is symptom of many illness.  
Ulcerative colitis is chronic recurrent
bowel disease, which is based on
manifest diffuse non-specific
inflammation of the mucosa of the
rectum and colon.

Cron`s colitis is chronic, recurrent,
inflammatory disease of unknown
etiology that affects the gastrointestinal
tract This disease is characterized by
skip lesion and transmural inflammation,
and it can be affect any segment of the
gastrointestinal tract. This illness also
has tendency to early, local and system

Polyps and polyposis syndromes.
The definition of polyp is not clear at all.
Presently, only epithelial glands
excrescence, which rises above mucosa,
is called true polyp.   

Rectal cancer. These days rectal
cancer without exaggeration is the
problem of global degree.   

Colon cancer.  Measurement of (CEA)
carcinoembryonic antigen, which was
found in embryonic cellules of
gastrointestinal tract, is another
direction in the early detection of colon
and rectal cancer.
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Proctology department of Kiev region clinical hospital.

There is head of proctology department in Kiev Region Pyrogovskyy Volodymyr.

The newest approaches of the treatment and the diagnosis of the proctology diseases: Hemorrhoids, Anal fistula, Anorectal
Abscess, Anal Fissure, Polyp and Rectal Cancer, Ulcerative Colitis, Cron`s Colitis were introduced by the proctologists of our
proctology  department of Kiev region clinical hospital (KRCH).
New original methods of preparation (for operations and examinations) of Colon and Rectal patients, algorithms of the
treatments of functional colon disorders (constipation, functional diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome ecc.) were approved in
the proctology department of Kiev region clinical hospital (KRCH).
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Hemorrhoids are managed based on the stage of disease. In proctology department of Kiev region clinical hospital choosing the
method of treatment of hemorrhoids we are able to use all variety of procedures existent in this moment. Now then by
proctologists of our department
first-, second- and third- degree hemorrhoids is treated principally by the least invasive fixation procedures and operations.
There are infrared photocoagulation (first-degree hemorrhoids), rubber band ligation, (THD) transanal haemorrhoidal
dearterialisation (second- and third- degree hemorrhoids). For treatment of third- degree hemorrhoids in proctology
department of Kiev region clinical hospital uses Longo technique, Milligan-Morgan operation. For treatment of fourth-degree
hemorrhoids we use hemorrhoidectomy (Parks operation and Withead operation modified by proctologists of our department.
The management of acute haemorrhoidal thrombosis depends on the stage of thrombosis. For treatment of first- and
second-degree thrombosis the proctologists of our department apply conservative therapy. However third –degree requires
an emergency hemorrhoidectomy. We would like to note that several methods namely rubber band ligation, (THD) transanal
haemorrhoidal dearterialisation were introduced firstly in Ukraine by our department. And accordingly, we have the biggest
experience of application of these techniques in our country.

Our approaches of anal fissure treatment depend on stage and duration of illness. Frequently when anal fissure appears in case
of patient already has hemorrhoids or constipation. One of the most important parts of the therapy for anal fissure is diet,
which prevent constipation.  Conservative treatment of acute anal fissure is high effective in 65-70% cases.
We treat acute anal fissures conservatively or use infrared photocoagulation. The result of conservative treatment of chronic
anal fissures is much worse then acute fissures. In addition, recurrence of disease occurs more often. The long term of anal
fissure existence redounds of being chronic colitis associated with manifest disbiosis, also if anal fissure exists long period the
risk of rectum cancer genesis increases. Frequently if conservative treatment is not effective there is necessary to accomplish
operation (excision of the fissure with posterior internal sphincterotomy).       
Our proctology department noticeably ordered and systematized the principals of anal fistula and anorectal abscess diagnosis
and therapy. There is the first time in Ukraine the doctors of our department introduced and in a while entered in examination
standards anorectal ultrasound for patients with anal fistula, which is necessary for topographical diagnosis. In case of
anorectal abscess proctologists of Kiev region clinical hospital accomplish incision and drainage of abscess combined with a
primary fistulotomy or Hyppocrat`s operation. The operative technique, which proctologists choose for treatment of anal
fistula, depends on the type of fistula involved.  Intrasphincteric fistulas we manage by fistulectomy (Hartman’s operation).
Ttanssphincteric fistulas we manage by Hartman’s operation or by fistulectomy combined with sphincter’s plastic.  
The suprasphincteric fistula’s treatment is associated with fistulectomy and Hyppocrat`s operation. In 2009 year, the first
time in Ukraine, in our proctology department was used the anal fistula plug for treatment of anal fistula. The clinic of
oncologycal surgery (National medical academy for postgraduate education named after P.L.Shupyk, Head of clinic is
professor, M.D.P.H.D. Sorokin B.V.) is based on our department. This clinic significantly improves quality and variety of
medical care, which we make available for patients with oncology disease. For colon and rectal cancer therapy, we use
compsite and complex treatment, which includes pre- and post-operative chemotherapy and radiation therapy (for patients
with rectal cancer). Proctologists of our proctology department perform all variety of operations for colon (sigmoid-colectomy,
right and left hemicolectomy, resection of transverse, right and left colectomy, colproctectomy). In surgical treatment for
cancer of the rectum in our proctology department of Kiev region clinical hospital (KRCH) we perform standard operative
techniques (abdominoperineal resection (ARP), anterior resection, low anterior resection) and also if there is low situated
rectal cancer we accomplish Transanal endoscopic microsurgery (TEM) excision. In our proctology department in 2007 year,
this technique (TEM excision) was performed firstly in Ukraine. For cancer of the rectum and colon with hepatic metastasis,
proctologists of our department perform resection of a cancer of the rectum or colon and of synchronous hepatic metastasis
(typical, atypical resection of the liver or hemihepatic ectomy). In proctology department of Kiev region clinical hospital are
accomplished also laparoscopic and hand-assisted laparoscopic techniques of operations.  For colorectal anastomosis performing
doctors of our proctology department often use staplers (distal and circular staplers).  Our equipment in proctology department
of Kiev region clinical hospital affords us high-effectively detects colon polyps. In our proctology department, we established
colonoscopy subdivision, which execute screening examinations for out- and in-patients. We also have bicanal colonoscope,
which permits us amplify the variety of diagnostic and operative techniques for polyps and tumors of colon (polypectomy,
tumorectomy, mucosectomy chromocolonoscopy ecc.). As well proctologists of our proctology department perform other
operations for polyps and villous tumors of the colon end rectum, for example, polypectomy with proctoscope, transabdominal
colotomy, transabdominal colon and rectum resections, transanal tumor excision, Transanal endoscopic microsurgery (TEM)
excision of polyps and villous tumors. Our collective of proctologists composed and approved the new treatment algorithms for
Ulcerative and Cron`s Colitis. This innovation permits us significantly decrease the quantity of operations of patients with
Ulcerative and Cron`s Colitis and achieve lung-term remission. However the therapy of Ulcerative and Cron`s Colitis is
complicated and we can realize it only in-patiently in proctology department.  Diagnosis and treatment of this colitis can be
performed only in proctology department. Important part of treatment of Ulcerative and Cron`s Colitis is elimination of
disbiosis. Operative treatment can be performed only if medication therapy, which was prescribed by proctologists, is not
effective and for patients with complications. In Ulcerative Colitis cases, we execute proctocolectomy. In cases of Cron`s
Colitis we perform segmental colectomy.
In proctology department of Kiev region clinical hospital are composed and patented original algorithms of treatment of
functional disorders (constipation, diarrhea, disbiosis ecc.) combined with hydrocolonotherapy. This method based on irrigation
with special equipment all segments of rectum and colon by big amount of liquids (prepared water, medication, suspension of
bifido- and lacto- bacterium). This way colon tone normalizes, blood microcirculation improves and we achieve body
desintoxication. The treatment, which includes hydrocolonotherapy procedures, is effective for patients with constipation,
functional diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic intoxications, chronic skin disease, and chronic colitis. We use also
hydrocolonotherapy procedures for express bowel preparation before operations and investigations.

Proctology department of Kiev region clinical hospital. Head of proctology department in Kiev Region Pyrogovskyy Volodymyr.
There is everything about bowel, anal and perianal disease (hemorrhoids, anal fistula, anorectal abscess, anal fissure, polyp
and rectal cancer, cron`s colitis, constipation, ulcerative and cron`s colitis, polyps, anal condylomatosis…). There are symptoms,
methods of diagnostic and treatment, arts and publications, instruments and equipment. Consultation of proctologist. Specialized
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of hemorrhoids, treatment of hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids, colonoscopy, TEM, (THD) transanal haemorrhoidal dearterialisation,
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