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Hemorrhoids are one of the most
common diseases. Word «hemorrhoid»
translated from Greek language means
«bleeding», which directly connected
with the most prevalent symptom of this
disease – there is blood outflow from
anus. Hemorrhoids are equally common
among male and female. Frequently
females mark acute haemorrhoidal
thrombosis; usually it happens during
third trimester of pregnancy    

Anorectal abscess signifies
inflammation of the fat in one of the
spaces surrounding the anorectum.
Infection from rectum by anal glands,
which are situated in anal crypts of the
anal canal penetrate perianal tissue.
Crypt abscess always is at the level of
the dentate line. The reasons of crypt
abscess are different: constipation,
hemorrhoids, anal fissure ecc. Anal
gland infection is also the principal
cause of anal fistulas.  

Anal fissure is a spontaneously
appeared linear tear (ulcer) in the anal
mucosa. Anal fissure is quite common.
Among proctology disease this is one
of three the most frequent (11%-15%
or 20-23 cases amongst 1000 people).
Anal fissures are more prevalent
among young and middle- age females.    

 Constipation.   Now constipation is
one of the most common conditions that
bring a patient to see a physician in al
the world.  For example, 2.5 million
people with constipation (1.2% in the
general population) visit each year
doctors and even more numbers try
to solve this problem by themselves
using laxatives. What is constipation?
Constipation is not separate disease.
There is symptom of many illness.  
Ulcerative colitis is chronic recurrent
bowel disease, which is based on
manifest diffuse non-specific
inflammation of the mucosa of the
rectum and colon.

Cron`s colitis is chronic, recurrent,
inflammatory disease of unknown
etiology that affects the gastrointestinal
tract This disease is characterized by
skip lesion and transmural inflammation,
and it can be affect any segment of the
gastrointestinal tract. This illness also
has tendency to early, local and system

Polyps and polyposis syndromes.
The definition of polyp is not clear at all.
Presently, only epithelial glands
excrescence, which rises above mucosa,
is called true polyp.   

Rectal cancer. These days rectal
cancer without exaggeration is the
problem of global degree.   

Colon cancer.  Measurement of (CEA)
carcinoembryonic antigen, which was
found in embryonic cellules of
gastrointestinal tract, is another
direction in the early detection of colon
and rectal cancer.
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There is a method, which is based on irrigation of all colon and rectum by big amount of liquid (water structural by laser,
medications, and essential microorganisms) with spatial equipment.

History of hydrocolonotherapy

Egyptians were the first who cleared out rectum (Egypt 1500 BC).  They thought that the wrong nutrition is the reason of the
most disease. That’s why enema was the element of health care. Hypocrite and Halen this way treated fever. In 17-18 century
in Russia enemas were used to improve health. Thirst equipment for hydrocolonotherapy was created in USA in 1920-1930years.
Hydrocolonotherapy was very popular among patients with constipation, skin diseases and metabolism disorders. Doctors and
patients admitted that this method was very popular. But later, 1950-1960 years medications (such as antibiotics, laxatives and
immune stimulants) crowded out this method. Unfortunately, medications can not solve all problems. For example, laxatives are
effective only during shirt period, in a while adaptation occurs, and patients need bigger and bigger dose and in some period any
laxative is not effective. That was the reason to renewal of the interest to hydrocolonotherapy.

15-20 years ago these procedure became very popular in Ukraine, but they were performed only in beauty salons without
doctor’s control.

Indications to hydrocolonotherapy
- Constipation
- Functional diarrhea
- Irritable bowel syndrome
- Intoxication
- Express preparation for examinations and operations
- Chronic skin diseases
- Chronic colitis

Contra-indication to hydrocolonotherapy
- Difficult heart diseases
- Gastro-intestinal bleeding
- Colon perforation
-  Acute hemorrhoid
- Cirrhosis

There are many classical methods to prepare rectum and colon for examinations and operations (enema, diet, laxatives), but all
of them are quite uncomfortable for patients, take a lot of time and sometime can not guarantee good quality effect, which is  
important for result of operations and examinations’ informativeness.
That’s why we use hydrocolonotherapy to improve a quality and speed up preparation.

We use such method to prepare rectum and colon for examinations and operations:
Forlax (1-2 convolutes) and hydrocolonotherapy procedure - the day before examination (operation). Next morning patient is
ready for examination (operation).
This preparation is comfortable and effective.

By our experience, this method is effective also in anal fissure treatment. Sphincter spasm and constipations are the most
important factors in anal fissure pathogenesis.    
By this method, we eliminate sphincter spasm (by sphincter dilatation during procedure) and constipation (by improvement of
bowel motility, to repair of normal relation of colon microbes) and this way the tear is healed over.
We use hydrocolonotherapy to correct of intestinal microbiocoenosis for patients with disbacteriosis.

So, we treat hydrocolonotherapy as a very effective method to prepare rectum and colon for examinations and operations, but
it should be performed only in hospital and with doctor control. Other way (if patient is not checked by proctologist, or if
procedure was performed wrong) it can be even dangerous for patient’s health.   

See also, please: Hydrocolonotherapy as a method of colon and rectum express preparation for examinations and

See also, please:  Our results of treatment of patients with slow colon transit constipation.
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