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​Another victory for us

February 20, 2023

Another victory for us. Patient V., born in 1997, was admitted to the proctology department on September 12, 2022 with a diagnosis of "diffuse familial polyposis of the large intestine." Such a diagnosis is an indication for a colproctectomy (complete removal of the colon and rectum) and removal of an ileostomy (including a lifelong one), because the occurrence of colon cancer in this disease is inevitable at a young age.

Usually, such operations lead to a permanent loss of working capacity and a significant deterioration in the quality of life, which in the future can lead to permanent disability
On September 15, 2022, the doctors of our department performed a colprocectomy with preservation of the anal canal and the formation of a small intestinal reservoir-anal anastomosis on patient V. And 5 months later, on 02/9/23, the final stage of treatment was performed - reconstructive and restorative ileoplasty - the continuity of the ileum was restored to the patient.
Currently, patient V. has been discharged from the proctology department and is fully ready for rapid social and labor rehabilitation.
Thanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, everything will be in Ukraine.
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