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THD® Anopress

September 18, 2023

Anorectal manometry is a highly specialised test used to assess the function of the anal sphincters and pelvic floor nerves.

In our department, this is made possible with a device called THD® Anopress.
The THD® Anopress is an innovative portable anorectal manometer that consists of a flexible tube inserted into the anus, which is connected to a series of ultra-sensitive sensors that measure the pressure of the muscles of the anus and rectum during their contraction and relaxation. In this way, the specialist can assess the patient's ability to control the passage of liquid and solid stools and intestinal gases.
The THD® Anopress enables simple and quick correlation of the findings with symptoms and immediate access to standardised data.
The physician who performs the test can also easily evaluate the results and relate them to various pathological conditions. The correlation of the test results with specific colorectal diseases is based on the interpretation of the curve describing the sphincter activity at different examination points.
THD® Anorectal Manometry Anopress is necessary:
-to identify problems with the muscles or nerves of the anus and rectum present in conditions such as faecal incontinence, constipation and rectal prolapse and can help develop a treatment plan tailored to the patient;
-to assess pelvic floor muscle function and can help identify problems with muscle contraction strength, coordination and reflexes that may contribute to pelvic floor dysfunction, which is particularly common in women;
-to evaluate the effectiveness of surgical and/or rehabilitative treatments.

Anorectal manometry with THD® Anopress is a safe and painless test that will help to pinpoint the cause and introduce individualised treatment strategies.

Today, there are no alternative anorectal manometry diagnostic tests to obtain this type of data. For this reason, anorectal manometry with THD® Anopress is an essential test in case of symptoms caused by changes in anal sphincter function.