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Ulcer in the c/3 of the jejunum

August 23, 2023

A 55-year-old patient came for video capsule endoscopy with a request for help. The patient's history shows that he had his first episode of gastrointestinal bleeding 10 years ago. Over the past 4 years, the bleeding has been recurring more and more often. According to the results of gastroscopy, colonoscopy and CT scan, the cause of the bleeding could not be established. According to the patient, the surgeon told him that the small intestine could not bleed. And he would have lived on like that, but during the last episode, which occurred in early May 2023, the attending physician referred him for a video capsule endoscopy.

During the video capsule endoscopy, the bleeding recurred. The source of bleeding was located in the c/3 of the jejunum, near the ligament of Treitz. However, due to active bleeding, the source was not clearly visualised (ulcer?).
The patient underwent antegrade enteroscopy, which visualised an ulcer in the cecum, GIST? Peptic ulcer - chronic ulcer.
A CT scan of the abdomen with a targeted examination of this area was described as a GIST? of the jejunum.
Today, the patient has been operated on, laparoscopic resection of the jejunum with neoplasm and formation of a small-small intestinal anastomosis side to side was performed. Histology of GIST.
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