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A patient underwent successful endoscopic balloon dilatation of an ileal stricture at the Endoscopy Department of the KOR KOKL

May 10, 2023

A patient with recurrent abdominal pain that had been bothering him for 5 years came for examination of the small intestine by video capsule endoscopy. 

Previously, the patient had undergone an ileocolonoscopy, which described changes in the terminal ileum with inflammation and scarring, but the terminal ileum was passable for the colonoscope. Clinically, there were no signs of intestinal obstruction. PGD: the histological picture may be consistent with Crohn's disease. To further examine all parts of the small intestine, the attending physician referred him for video capsule endoscopy.
During the examination, the capsule stopped in the n/3 ileum in the area of a 4 mm diameter stricture. The small intestine was not affected above the stricture. The patient was prescribed anti-inflammatory therapy, but the capsule did not come out naturally after 2 weeks of treatment.
In the Endoscopy Department of the KOR KOKL, the patient underwent a successful endoscopic balloon dilatation of the ileal stricture (the photo below shows the passable terminal section of the ileum), and the capsule came out naturally the next day. As long as the patient continues to treat the underlying disease, it may be possible to avoid surgery.