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Patient` s preparation

Patient` s preparation for proctologist’s inspection and colon diagnostic examinations

If the reason of proctologist’s visit was the strong pain in anal canal or manifest bleeding you should not prepare yourself for examination (in some cases it can be even dangerous for your health). In other cases, if you are going to visit proctologist for the first time you should make two enemas the day before examination (for example at 7 pm and at 9pm) and one enema in the day of visit (in the morning - at 6am). In the day before examination, you should also exclude fruits, vegetables and cereals. There is better to eat bouillon and cookies with tea. In the day of visit, you can have light breakfast (tea with cheese).

Do not be upset if you cannot do this preparation. Diagnostic of many proctological diseases (hemorrhoids, anal fissure, anorectal abscess, perianal warts) does not require any colon preparation. During the first visit, if it is necessary in your case, doctor will prescribe other diagnostic procedures. Moreover, you can be prepared for diagnostic procedures immediately in our clinic by procedure of hydrocolonotherapy (which can by prescribed by doctor).

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