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There is a method, which is based on irrigation of all colon and rectum by big amount of liquid (water structural by laser, medications, and essential microorganisms) with spatial equipment.

History of hydrocolonotherapy

Egyptians were the first who cleared out rectum (Egypt 1500 BC). They thought that the wrong nutrition is the reason of the most disease. That’s why enema was the element of health care. Hypocrite and Halen this way treated fever. In 17-18 century in Russia enemas were used to improve health. Thirst equipment for hydrocolonotherapy was created in USA in 1920-1930years.

Hydrocolonotherapy was very popular among patients with constipation, skin diseases and metabolism disorders. Doctors and patients admitted that this method was very popular. But later, 1950-1960 years medications (such as antibiotics, laxatives and immune stimulants) crowded out this method. Unfortunately, medications can not solve all problems. For example, laxatives are effective only during shirt period, in a while adaptation occurs, and patients need bigger and bigger dose and in some period any laxative is not effective. That was the reason to renewal of the interest to hydrocolonotherapy.

15-20 years ago these procedure became very popular in Ukraine, but they were performed only in beauty salons without doctor’s control.

Indications to hydrocolonotherapy

  • Constipation
  • Functional diarrhea
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Intoxication
  • Express preparation for examinations and operations
  • Chronic skin diseases
  • Chronic colitis

Contra-indication to hydrocolonotherapy

  • Difficult heart diseases
  • Gastro-intestinal bleeding
  • Colon perforation
  • Acute hemorrhoid
  • Cirrhosis

There are many classical methods to prepare rectum and colon for examinations and operations (enema, diet, laxatives), but all of them are quite uncomfortable for patients, take a lot of time and sometime can not guarantee good quality effect, which is important for result of operations and examinations’ informativeness.

That’s why we use hydrocolonotherapy to improve a quality and speed up preparation. We use such method to prepare rectum and colon for examinations and operations:

Forlax (1-2 convolutes) and hydrocolonotherapy procedure - the day before examination (operation). Next morning patient is ready for examination (operation). This preparation is comfortable and effective.

By our experience, this method is effective also in anal fissure treatment. Sphincter spasm and constipations are the most important factors in anal fissure pathogenesis. By this method, we eliminate sphincter spasm (by sphincter dilatation during procedure) and constipation (by improvement of bowel motility, to repair of normal relation of colon microbes) and this way the tear is healed over.

We use hydrocolonotherapy to correct of intestinal microbiocoenosis for patients with disbacteriosis. So, we treat hydrocolonotherapy as a very effective method to prepare rectum and colon for examinations and operations, but it should be performed only in hospital and with doctor control. Other way (if patient is not checked by proctologist, or if procedure was performed wrong) it can be even dangerous for patient’s health.

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