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Longo operation

This first appeared in 1993, and was populated under the name of Lingo’s anopexy (Antonio Longo is Italian surging who establishes this method).

This technique is based on replacing of prolapsed internal hemorrhoids inside the anal canal using a circular stapling clip that removes a narrow collar of mucosa from the upper part of the anal canal. There is not the circular resection of rectum, which sometimes is accomplished for treatment of hemorrhoid and causes the stricture. During this operation, only part of mucosa above dentate line is removed. Mucosal fault is reestablished by tantalum clamps. At the end of procedure hemorrhoidal piles are not removed. They are just lifted and fixed in anal canal; piles are also reduced because of decreasing of arterial inflow.

Операция Лонго

The duration of this operation is around 15min. That is much less comparing with classic hemorrhoidectomy (around 40).

This method has some evident advantages

  • highly effective for patients who have evident prolapse
  • post-operative pain is obviously reduced
  • patients don’t need long-term hospitalization

Now Long’s operation is crowed out by less invasive and more effective method - Transanal Hemorrhoidal Dearterialisation (THD).

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